Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 4 (Heavy shit this is my Jam)

Deadlift - Bench Press 

Ok I wont pretend that I am king of the lifts  but I do enjoy it and I want to get Stronger.

Ok so I developed my own program based off of the Standard Stong lifts 5x5.

Firstly I always Foam Roll and stretch before I even start lifting. Once done I do a few warm up lifts progressively building up to my training Weight.

Alright this is my Favourite program

Deadlift Bench Press Super Set

DEAD LIFT -160kg for 5 Reps

BENCHPRESS - 80KG for 5 Reps

I do this 5 times with about 1 min to 2 mins breaks.

I move on to a chest work out building on the bench work we just did.

Incline Dumbell Bench Press - 27.5KG for 8 Reps

Dumbell Fly's - 15KG for 8 Reps

I do this 3 times and Move onto a Bicep Superset

Reverse Curl - 14KG 8 Reps

Hammer Curl - 14KG 8 Reps

EZ Bar Curl - 28 KG 8 Reps

Again 3 Times

Now The Triceps

This Requires a cable machine

Superannuated Pull Down - #12 8 reps

Rope Pull Down - #10 8 Reps

Pronated Pull Down - #12 8 Reps

3 Times

Now To finish

21 Gun Salute - 22.5kg

This is a horrid Bicep finisher to get you pump on

7 half way from hips

7 half way from shoulders

7 all the way from hips to shoulders

grab a shake and hit the showers I am done

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