Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 3

Kick boxing

Yeh this is what I call fun. Even more so than lifting heavy things hitting things...(I may not be completely normal)

Any way this is more of a fitness class as much as I hate to admit it  there is not actual sparring I'd probably suck at that I am quite slow although I am king of closing people down (6ft and 16 stone not much stands in my way)

Any way this was a hard session Exhausting too. My partner  for this was a Muy Thai Guy called Chang fast and small and quite powerful...yes I have compared him to Bruce Lee and Jet Li he is that sort of quick.

And we decided to compete against the other guys Steve and Morgan...Alpha all the way. I am the heaviest of us all so this was a real challenge.

Anyway we did a circuit type set of Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Hook, Cross, (Switch stance) Left Kick, Right Kick

Then once we had learned this we added Sprawls, Press ups and Sit up.. Conditioning for the win.

we Finished with 1-10 kicks with 1-10 sprawls after each iteration....#knackered

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