Saturday, 25 October 2014

Breakfast....Break Fast

Low Carb diets. Carb Timing And some other stuff.

lets start by talking about me...I love me I am awesome

So on the 1st October I posted and Said I had finally hit below the 100kg  mark a pretty big milestone for someone who in February weight in at 127kg. as I posted I am currently in a Cutting phase of my programmes and as such I am shredding through the  kilos and I on Wednesday weighed in at and awesome 94.3kg..that's like 5 kilos or 11 pounds (or so) in 3 weeks these are numbers some people dream of.

I have discussed how I have done it and in previous posts and it's not all just diet there is a substantial amount of exercise and currect supplements involved too although I am cutting back to 4 times a week for training purposes so hopefully I can write up a bit more

Right lets talk Breakfast

For me this is  pretty much just bacon and Eggs Every day, I told a vegetarian friend this and they said  that sounds lush but they couldn't even find the motivation to get out of bed and add milk to a bowl of cereal. I cannot help that. 

Why Bacon and Eggs I want to shout because "SCIENCE" right here but well personally I think we are all different and one blanket approach to this is probably not helpful but I'll try and  explain why it works or should work.

Your body uses 2 main sources of Fuel Fat and Carbs. That's it Carbs are really easy for your body to use as a fuel and get used almost immediately as an energy source and then the carbs you don't use get stored moved to your liver and stored as fat. South park the king of topical on the nail satirecame in with inverting the food pyramid, While not strictly accurate it is probably closer to the correct portions for weight loss than.

So why do I say or draw attention to breakfast, this is the MOST important meal of the day. It literally means to break the fast of which your body has endured during your evenings rest. Over night your body essentially started to go hungry so you really should feed it at the earliest possible opportunity. But cereal may not be the best thing to eat despite what you have been told since you were a child and advertised on a daily basis...and Oh yeh do I love them honey covered nutty flakes of delicious joy or a bowl of fruit and fibre, yeh I do, I REALLY do. 

The problem with cereals though is they are primarily made of Carbs, If you feed your body carbs at 7am it will instantly use carbs to start you moving so you probably feel pretty great but you have stopped your body using fat as it's primary fuel source which it will have been using over night while you slept. Now Bacon and eggs any variety fire up your George Formean beat some eggs and eat them scrambled or fried it doesn't really matter. you are giving yourself protein for muscle recovery and continuing your bodies use of your stored fat...or extending that period.

Right I am signing off.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday = Cook Day

That Day Again

I have skipped the gym going 3 days in a row as someone has infected me with some horrid scratchy mucussey thing...not a fan. like thats a chest leg and back day...screw the infected

any way last night I ate Pizza oh my...I love pizza we will call that a cheat day sorry ~I had to break there was nothing healthy ready honest

So I just prepped 10 tupperware lunches/Dinners

same principle as last week 6 carb loaded 4 low carb

Today I'm gonna tell you about my Beef and sweet potatoe bake


Beef  and Sweet Potatoe Bake

Serves 3 (or 3 servings)

1 kilo beef mince
750g of sweet potote
250g of mushrooms
250g Onion
1 Table spoon Paprika
1 Teaspoon of black pepper
1 Table Spoon of Garlic
2 (Bell)Peppers
3 Medium Eggs
Olive oil (any really I just prefer olive oil)


Wash potatoes and dice (No I didn;t peel them)
Wash and Slice mushroms
Remove pepper stems and seeds then quater pepers
Peel and dice onions


Add potaoes to hot pan with 2 teaspoons of oil, Fry like this for 15 mins stir ocassionally.

Add mushrooms and Onions leave for 5 mins
At the same time brush the quartered (bell)peppers with oil and start roasting (at gas mark 5)

Add beef mince, paprika, garlic and black pepper

Cook until Beef is browned

Move the mixture into a casserole dish large  enough to accomodate and flatten mix to an even surface dig 3 wells roughly equally apart and crack your eggs into them cook in the oven on gas 5 for 15 mins.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Stack

Alright you've heard of a  Stack right?

Well it's basically a combination of different supplements you take to enhance your gains. My Stack for the Cut

Matirx Anabolic Gold
Matrix T5 Xtreme  (Fat Burners)
Matrix Raspberry Ketones
Matrix Hyper Cutz Preworkout
Matrix Creatine Ethyl Ester
Omega 3&6 fish oil
And a Solid Multi Vitamin with Minerals (Think I am Using Tesco's it's pretty good and Cheap)
A Berroca  Vit C zinc thing

Ok so you saw a Lot of Matix Product there Like more than one I know. This suplement range has been one of my favourites since a freind recommended them to me they provide awesome quality products at a really good price

here's a link click the link spend over £20 and get free tasty creatine Chews worth £20 or just  use this code MO22491

...yeh all that goes into my body on top of the foods we discussed yesterday the good news is you could probably pick all that up from matrix for about a £100-£120 (with a 5kg anabolic gold)

They do have cheaper proteins on the site and they are all really good but it's the quality of the protein that I am Going for most proteins are like a  70% mix and this compromises absorbtion where and makes a thick shake anabolic gold is an 86% mix and makes quite  a fine advice though  is just get what you can afford at the end of the day protein is protein and an essential in building your muscles up.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Cut so far

Ooosh...ok so we are well into this Cut now.

The Weekend was filled with shopping for a selection of Locally sourced meat from a Butcher

5kg of chicken
4kg of pork loin
2kg of bacon
4kg Lean Beef Mince
24 Eggs
1kg Mushrooms
Oh and some belly pork like 6 small pieces

I excercise 7 Time a week 6 of which are Target days

Chest (& Tricep) and Core
Legs and Shoulder
Back and Bicep

after each weight set I hit a 1 minute conditioning drill like step ups or kettle bell swings I have about 8 excercises in each routine which are repeated 3-4 times for 9-11 reps and each session I increase the weights by 2.5kg to 5kg each once I max out on weight I will add a rep.

The Diet has started and I just worked  out my Macros to be 40% protein 40% fat 20% carb

I am bulk cooking on a Sunday for the week

this week I used 1 kilo mince for 3 meals
3 Breast of turkey 3 meals
3 Chicken breasts 3 Meals
3 Pork Loins
12 eggs 6 rashers of bacon (for these)

All this got packed into tupper ware with a selection of veg mainly Brocoli, and Green Beans For Lunches (Chicken or pork), Evening Meals (Beef/Turkey) have Mixed peppers onions and mushrooms, with either brown long grain basmati rice or roasted sweet potatoe with the skin on.

why have I got Carbs in the evening...? Because thats when I train

I get to eat Carbs before and after I train but not really at any other point (okay so brocoli and green beans have a few carbs but nothing significant)

Any way I start the day with freshly cooked bacon and Eggs or an omlette or scambled egg....anyway it's always a no carb brekefast...

then a bacon and egg cake  as above as a snack, maybe a tin of tuna  and some almonds and a protein shake before/around 11-12

next up at 1.30 chicken or pork with green beans brocoli and spinach

go home from work eat a banana take another protein shake and some creatine before the gym.

in the gym takes some matrix hyper cutz pre work out

Get home and have a  beef or turkey dinner.

okay so I am more in this for Size and fat loss not weight loss I want lean sexy muscle but when I weighed in, in work and they told me I lost 4 and a half pounds in a week...I was a Little chuffed

current weight 99.3kg I hit below the 100k on monday after weighing 102kg on thursday before kickboxing...pretty stoked...I can now bench more than I weigh

Friday, 12 September 2014

8 Week Cut.

Alright it's time to shed some fat try and look a little more hench and generally feel better about myself for the Christmas period. I feel I have made some significant gains this year moving from 19stone 12 pounds (126KG) down to 16.3 (103 kg) close to four stone all primarily though resistance training (BIG ASS WEIGHTS)


Are to become weaker...yep not ideal but probable

Lose Fat was highlighted to me the other day most people shouldn't be aiming to lose weight but to lose fat...fat is the useless excess weight we all carry that basically makes us look and feel bad and has no use other than to be "stored energy"


Increase volume decrease weight change diet use leg activations EVERY  DAY. 

I have started the program I designed with the help of Body although I like to keep it a lot more simple than them and pick plans and stick to them for 8 weeks not change weekly. incrementally increasing either my rep ranges or my loads.

Diet has not changed yet...I have not picked a new way to eat but I think it will revolve around carb and fat control ie not eating both at the same time and only eating carbs before and after training...I believe this will be really hard to achieve but I will start eating like this after 3weeks of the program.

That's it I will try and share my program in a bit and the diet once I have designed it..oh and I'll snap some pictures of before and after of course...

Monday, 1 September 2014

Ok I got bored of counting training days

Here we are another day another time to train.

I have significantly upped my protein intake today so I am going to talk to you about a standard Day of eating in this section.

My standard day is filled to the brim with food but healthy food lets see if I can give you an example.

Muesli (full bowl) and 1% Milk
1 Boiled Egg.

Chicken Soup
BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
Protein shake

Chicken and Veg

2 Protein Shakes
2 Boiled Eggs
2 Cereal Bars normally Granola

4-5 cups Green Tea
1 cup Chai Team
1 Coffee
Water 4-6 Litres

And that's it. About 200 Grams or More Protein, It's pretty balanced on the Protein Carb Fiber so I tend to just eat variants of this and I think it comes in around 2600-2900 calories which is fine for me

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 4 (Heavy shit this is my Jam)

Deadlift - Bench Press 

Ok I wont pretend that I am king of the lifts  but I do enjoy it and I want to get Stronger.

Ok so I developed my own program based off of the Standard Stong lifts 5x5.

Firstly I always Foam Roll and stretch before I even start lifting. Once done I do a few warm up lifts progressively building up to my training Weight.

Alright this is my Favourite program

Deadlift Bench Press Super Set

DEAD LIFT -160kg for 5 Reps

BENCHPRESS - 80KG for 5 Reps

I do this 5 times with about 1 min to 2 mins breaks.

I move on to a chest work out building on the bench work we just did.

Incline Dumbell Bench Press - 27.5KG for 8 Reps

Dumbell Fly's - 15KG for 8 Reps

I do this 3 times and Move onto a Bicep Superset

Reverse Curl - 14KG 8 Reps

Hammer Curl - 14KG 8 Reps

EZ Bar Curl - 28 KG 8 Reps

Again 3 Times

Now The Triceps

This Requires a cable machine

Superannuated Pull Down - #12 8 reps

Rope Pull Down - #10 8 Reps

Pronated Pull Down - #12 8 Reps

3 Times

Now To finish

21 Gun Salute - 22.5kg

This is a horrid Bicep finisher to get you pump on

7 half way from hips

7 half way from shoulders

7 all the way from hips to shoulders

grab a shake and hit the showers I am done