Friday, 12 September 2014

8 Week Cut.

Alright it's time to shed some fat try and look a little more hench and generally feel better about myself for the Christmas period. I feel I have made some significant gains this year moving from 19stone 12 pounds (126KG) down to 16.3 (103 kg) close to four stone all primarily though resistance training (BIG ASS WEIGHTS)


Are to become weaker...yep not ideal but probable

Lose Fat was highlighted to me the other day most people shouldn't be aiming to lose weight but to lose fat...fat is the useless excess weight we all carry that basically makes us look and feel bad and has no use other than to be "stored energy"


Increase volume decrease weight change diet use leg activations EVERY  DAY. 

I have started the program I designed with the help of Body although I like to keep it a lot more simple than them and pick plans and stick to them for 8 weeks not change weekly. incrementally increasing either my rep ranges or my loads.

Diet has not changed yet...I have not picked a new way to eat but I think it will revolve around carb and fat control ie not eating both at the same time and only eating carbs before and after training...I believe this will be really hard to achieve but I will start eating like this after 3weeks of the program.

That's it I will try and share my program in a bit and the diet once I have designed it..oh and I'll snap some pictures of before and after of course...

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