Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Cut so far

Ooosh...ok so we are well into this Cut now.

The Weekend was filled with shopping for a selection of Locally sourced meat from a Butcher

5kg of chicken
4kg of pork loin
2kg of bacon
4kg Lean Beef Mince
24 Eggs
1kg Mushrooms
Oh and some belly pork like 6 small pieces

I excercise 7 Time a week 6 of which are Target days

Chest (& Tricep) and Core
Legs and Shoulder
Back and Bicep

after each weight set I hit a 1 minute conditioning drill like step ups or kettle bell swings I have about 8 excercises in each routine which are repeated 3-4 times for 9-11 reps and each session I increase the weights by 2.5kg to 5kg each once I max out on weight I will add a rep.

The Diet has started and I just worked  out my Macros to be 40% protein 40% fat 20% carb

I am bulk cooking on a Sunday for the week

this week I used 1 kilo mince for 3 meals
3 Breast of turkey 3 meals
3 Chicken breasts 3 Meals
3 Pork Loins
12 eggs 6 rashers of bacon (for these)

All this got packed into tupper ware with a selection of veg mainly Brocoli, and Green Beans For Lunches (Chicken or pork), Evening Meals (Beef/Turkey) have Mixed peppers onions and mushrooms, with either brown long grain basmati rice or roasted sweet potatoe with the skin on.

why have I got Carbs in the evening...? Because thats when I train

I get to eat Carbs before and after I train but not really at any other point (okay so brocoli and green beans have a few carbs but nothing significant)

Any way I start the day with freshly cooked bacon and Eggs or an omlette or scambled egg....anyway it's always a no carb brekefast...

then a bacon and egg cake  as above as a snack, maybe a tin of tuna  and some almonds and a protein shake before/around 11-12

next up at 1.30 chicken or pork with green beans brocoli and spinach

go home from work eat a banana take another protein shake and some creatine before the gym.

in the gym takes some matrix hyper cutz pre work out

Get home and have a  beef or turkey dinner.

okay so I am more in this for Size and fat loss not weight loss I want lean sexy muscle but when I weighed in, in work and they told me I lost 4 and a half pounds in a week...I was a Little chuffed

current weight 99.3kg I hit below the 100k on monday after weighing 102kg on thursday before kickboxing...pretty stoked...I can now bench more than I weigh

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