Saturday, 25 October 2014

Breakfast....Break Fast

Low Carb diets. Carb Timing And some other stuff.

lets start by talking about me...I love me I am awesome

So on the 1st October I posted and Said I had finally hit below the 100kg  mark a pretty big milestone for someone who in February weight in at 127kg. as I posted I am currently in a Cutting phase of my programmes and as such I am shredding through the  kilos and I on Wednesday weighed in at and awesome 94.3kg..that's like 5 kilos or 11 pounds (or so) in 3 weeks these are numbers some people dream of.

I have discussed how I have done it and in previous posts and it's not all just diet there is a substantial amount of exercise and currect supplements involved too although I am cutting back to 4 times a week for training purposes so hopefully I can write up a bit more

Right lets talk Breakfast

For me this is  pretty much just bacon and Eggs Every day, I told a vegetarian friend this and they said  that sounds lush but they couldn't even find the motivation to get out of bed and add milk to a bowl of cereal. I cannot help that. 

Why Bacon and Eggs I want to shout because "SCIENCE" right here but well personally I think we are all different and one blanket approach to this is probably not helpful but I'll try and  explain why it works or should work.

Your body uses 2 main sources of Fuel Fat and Carbs. That's it Carbs are really easy for your body to use as a fuel and get used almost immediately as an energy source and then the carbs you don't use get stored moved to your liver and stored as fat. South park the king of topical on the nail satirecame in with inverting the food pyramid, While not strictly accurate it is probably closer to the correct portions for weight loss than.

So why do I say or draw attention to breakfast, this is the MOST important meal of the day. It literally means to break the fast of which your body has endured during your evenings rest. Over night your body essentially started to go hungry so you really should feed it at the earliest possible opportunity. But cereal may not be the best thing to eat despite what you have been told since you were a child and advertised on a daily basis...and Oh yeh do I love them honey covered nutty flakes of delicious joy or a bowl of fruit and fibre, yeh I do, I REALLY do. 

The problem with cereals though is they are primarily made of Carbs, If you feed your body carbs at 7am it will instantly use carbs to start you moving so you probably feel pretty great but you have stopped your body using fat as it's primary fuel source which it will have been using over night while you slept. Now Bacon and eggs any variety fire up your George Formean beat some eggs and eat them scrambled or fried it doesn't really matter. you are giving yourself protein for muscle recovery and continuing your bodies use of your stored fat...or extending that period.

Right I am signing off.

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