Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Stack

Alright you've heard of a  Stack right?

Well it's basically a combination of different supplements you take to enhance your gains. My Stack for the Cut

Matirx Anabolic Gold
Matrix T5 Xtreme  (Fat Burners)
Matrix Raspberry Ketones
Matrix Hyper Cutz Preworkout
Matrix Creatine Ethyl Ester
Omega 3&6 fish oil
And a Solid Multi Vitamin with Minerals (Think I am Using Tesco's it's pretty good and Cheap)
A Berroca  Vit C zinc thing

Ok so you saw a Lot of Matix Product there Like more than one I know. This suplement range has been one of my favourites since a freind recommended them to me they provide awesome quality products at a really good price

here's a link click the link spend over £20 and get free tasty creatine Chews worth £20 or just  use this code MO22491

...yeh all that goes into my body on top of the foods we discussed yesterday the good news is you could probably pick all that up from matrix for about a £100-£120 (with a 5kg anabolic gold)

They do have cheaper proteins on the site and they are all really good but it's the quality of the protein that I am Going for most proteins are like a  70% mix and this compromises absorbtion where and makes a thick shake anabolic gold is an 86% mix and makes quite  a fine advice though  is just get what you can afford at the end of the day protein is protein and an essential in building your muscles up.

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