Monday, 25 August 2014

Day 0

Nothing Much to say 

Just got in the door and I have to say this is my first post (ever)

So I guess this is my Transformation Blog just to share with people my experience in weight loss, life and career.

Who? Am I

I am a 28 year old British Guy living in Wales. In 2011 I decided I wanted to lose weight I attacked this half heartedly and Achieved nothing. When I say half heartedly it wasn't I that I wasn't spending time in the gym I was just not doing the right things not achieving results getting disheartened and then failing to attend. I also believed I could get by without changing my diet as I was exercising. all in all some pretty bad decisions.

Anyway I continued this procession for the best part of 2 years November 2011 until February 2014. Any way after spending a month away from the Gym the entire month of January I decided to come back swinging. I was 20 stone in February after a month of hotel food with a 46.5 inch waist this is not how I wanted to look so I decided to change it.

This time I did some reading and I looked at the type of information from guys I wanted to look like and wandered how they got there. I used information from starting with the Bizzy Diet. Ok so I am not rich I didn't use the supplement they recommend (Although this may have a huge effect)I just did my own thing Is stopped eating chocolate and I followed a process of eating consistently (Possibly boringly) More on this later.

I used The Bizzy Diet diet Exercises for almost 3 months and then took a break this was all in aid of upping my base fitness so I could move into bigger things (Literally). Cardio Weights is an awesome way to drop some weight quickly although I was doing it to increase my overall health. I will definitely start doing these exercises again in May when I start my "Cutting Phase"

Moving on I read some more information about losing weight. Apparently Cardio alone is just pointless (In achieving weight loss) it makes you really good at doing cardio but after a very short period the benefits in weight loss for doing it wear off pretty quickly. It turned out that for me the answer seems to be in big ass heavy weights the heavier the better (Please do not do this with out the relevant coaching first you can really damage yourself). Anyway ever since I Switched over to this plan I have been looking and feeling so much better. I am now 16 stone (103kg) and my waist is down to 41 inches

I'll post about my exercises now as I do them and give you a break down and try to explain the science in as I understand it.

If your looking to make similar changes It would be great to hear from you so leave a comment.

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